/!\ I could only make it work on firefox (and IE lol...), if you see ugly white stripes around the screen, change browser. thanks. 

For better experience, play in fullscreen while pressing F11 

Up to jump 
Left Right to move 
Down to go down one level 
Space to interract with stuff 

Don't listen to what people tell you... 

To anyone complaining about the lack of theme, please finish the game, it takes between 2 and 3 minutes. No one is supposed to rate an entry without spending AT LEAST that ammount of time on it. You are just exposing yourselves as bad ludum dare'rs if you say my game doesn't fit the theme. I admit it's just my own interpretation but it's not nothing as some people seem to imply. Whould you like me to fly over your games like you do with mine ? I think not.

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