Hello everyone and thanks for being washed up here. 

This is my very first game I hope you'll be indulgent. 

I made it in about 44 hours, using construct 2, windows recorder, paint.net, MS paint, LMMS, a lot of beer and a site to convert .wma in .wav. 

The source of my inspiration is the garden I have before my eyes and all my friends settled here for the last few days. 

The controls are pretty basics WASD for movement, click to throw stuff at enemies and dodge the bullets they send you. 

The Final Boss is pretty easy but every attempt I did to balance him made him absolutely un-kill-able. I guess It's better this way then, this game is not about dying bazillion times. 

I'm sorry about the lame theme approach but, as a first game, I had to learn how to use my tools and It took me about half the time I had to make a game. Better work next time I hope. 

PS : Stay a while in game after the "End" to see credits. 

Kind regards, 

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